NeuroTalent Works

NeuroTalent Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to transitioning gifted individuals on the Autism spectrum into valuable talent for corporations. Our mission is to significantly transform the lives of these adults by removing obstacles and providing opportunities for meaningful and gainful employment. We believe many adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are uniquely gifted, educated and qualified for meaningful employment but are marginalized unnecessarily due to certain barriers that can be overcome. We aim to be the bridge that connects this divide – developing essential talent for corporations by leveraging the unique gifts of adults on the autism spectrum and creating a neurodiverse workplace.

Autism Community Service Offerings

Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder have many barriers to overcome in finding significant and intellectually meaningful work in corporate America. The lack of understanding, awareness and openness to what autism is has lended to misperceptions of their unique social, communication, and behavioral characteristics.

NeuroTalent Works is a bridge to corporations to facilitate open conversations and understanding of autism, and to best match autistic adults’ interests, skills and gifts with jobs that leverage and value their unique talent. Our team provides end-to-end employment support for autistic adults prior to and after job placement.

Corporation Service Offerings

Corporations know that diversity matters. However, they may not have considered expanding their definition of diversity to include the diversity of minds – neurodiversity. And for those who have, there are still challenges and barriers to overcome.


NeuroTalent Works serves as a strategic partner for corporations helping to support their neurodiversity efforts and change perceptions regarding what it means to have an adult with autism in the corporate workforce. We help to remove negative and incorrect perceptions about autism, and instead, highlight the “hidden” benefits of having a neurodiverse workforce that would otherwise not exist.