We exist to Provide for the poor, Protect the vulnerable, and Prepare the next generation of leaders

What We Do


NeuroTalent Works is dedicated to transitioning gifted individuals on the Autism spectrum into valuable talent for corporations.


Through partner ministries Forward Edge and Set Beautiful Free, we protect the vulnerable and help transform lives.


Providing for the poor through healthy, non-toxic programs like Malawi Wheels Mission, our small loans, and small business start-ups.

Why We Do It

Our Vision

58:7 Ministries addresses the needs of many by partnering with local organizations around the world who diligently strive to live Isaiah 58.

As we join many in seeking His kingdom on this earth, we believe there will be great transformation in lives. And so we strive to prepare the next generation of leaders who will continue our legacy of protecting the vulnerable and providing for those in need, whether in the US corporate world or around the globe through international missions.

Our Mission

58:7 Ministries exists to Provide for the poor, Protect the vulnerable, and Prepare the next generation’s leaders who will protect the cause of justice.

Join Us!

Want to help? Join us in our mission to Provide, Protect, and Prepare. Donate to one of our programs or to our missionaries and staff. These donations help us continue valuable programs that transform individuals and communities.